Top 5 Yoga DVDs by Shiva Rea


Shiva Rea is one of the top Vinyasa teachers in the world and one yoga DVD class with her and you’ll see why! These top 5 yoga dvds by Shiva Rea will have you saluting the sun and your Self.

1) Flow Yoga for Beginners

There’s no place like the beginning to start! This video features the beautiful scenery of Kauai, taking you on a mini-vacation with Shiva Rea. Seated meditation, pranayam and classic flow sequences make this ideal for someone new to Vinyasa flow.


2) Radiant Heart Yoga

It’s all about the heart. Opening your heart through movement and meditation will relieve shoulder and back pain in addition to smoothing out the ruffles of your personality. Bring a little more love to your body and your life.


3) Yoga Shakti

Transport yourself to India! This incredible video allows you to customize your yoga workout. Choose from a menu of options to personalize your experience. It’s like having Shiva Rea teach you in your living room! It features a great yoga music soundtrack.


4) Sun Salutations

Master this fundamental yet dynamic part of yoga…the sun salutation. Combined with mantra, this yoga dvd by Shiva Rea will teach you everything you need to know, from Ashtanga style, to Vinyasa flow, to variations on the theme. It also includes moon salutations, for balancing your energies.


5) Prenatal Yoga with Shiva rea

Specifically designed for pregnancy, with modifications for each trimester, Shiva Rea designed this flow class to help you improve strength, open the hips and prepare for the most important moment in your baby’s life.







Mantra for Overcoming Adversity: Sa Re Sa Sa


Challenges are a part of life. Struggles help us to become stronger and solidify our focus and resolve. It can become overwhelming though, when it feels like all of life's problems are heaped onto you at once. That's when mantra can help. By chanting a mantra you allow yourself refuge into a sacred space where problems can't touch you. The energy of the individual mantra itself can then work its particular vibratory energy into your energetic field and out into the cosmos. Things change. Obstacles lift.

When you are surrounded by challenges and you feel like no one is hearing you, when you need greater wisdom and a sense of peace, reach for this mantra:

Sa Re Sa Sa, Sa Re Sa Sa, Sa Re Sa Sa, Sa Rung

Har Re Har Har, Har Re Har Har, Har Re Har Har, Har Rung

Also called the Antar Naad Mantra, it's simple to pick up and chant, so learning this mantra won't become just another one of life's challenges.


"That Infinite Totality is here, everywhere. That creativity of God is here, everywhere."

Sa is the Infinite, God. It connect with the element of ether. Har is the manifestation and creativity of God. It connects with the element of Earth. "Ung" is a sound the projects outward into infinity. Adversity is said to melt before this mantra and it also connects you with your own capability for powerful communication. You will become wiser and peace and prosperity will enter into your field.

Life got you down? Lift yourself up with this simple, but powerful mantra.






Mantra for Self-Reflection: Gobinda Hari

The leaves outside my window have begun their gentle transformation from brilliant emerald green to rich golden yellows and warm plum-toned reds. I regretfully close my window to the chilly air, taking a final whiff of the woody, pine scented breeze. The season is changing and our hearts undergo their own transformations.

Too often we develop an idea of ourselves that we forget to update. We give ourselves and our lives labels…what we do, who we are…and treat them as if they are static and stable. But the leaves on the tree of our hearts, grown from the roots of our karma, change color and fall to the Earth in one last, glorious dance. Our hearts are microcosms of the beautiful world that surrounds us. Ek ong kar. The creator and the creation are one.

The fall is a time of harvest, and we have an opportunity ourselves to take a moment, center ourselves into our breath and reflect. Hit the pause button. Take a deep breath. Be here now. What have we done this past season of action and growth? What have our lives become? Who is better off for our having been in this world? Often we don't want to reflect because we are afraid of our own answers, afraid that we won't measure up to the expectations of the world or of the little critic that lives inside of our own minds. But if we look with different eyes, determined to be our fan instead of our critic, we can also find moments of goodness and grace. We can find times where we lived up to our potential and smiled in the face of adversity.

This world, for all its chaos and challenges, is a beautiful world. The leaves could fall off the trees with no real fanfare, but instead they change into a rainbow that circles the globe, each leaf falling at its own time, spinning and twirling to the ground in graceful tumble. Humans are like that, too. Our lives could just exist and end without any real trace left on the world, and often we feel like that is exactly what is happening. But we grow and expand, we change our colors from green to yellow and red, we sway in the wind, and then finally we dance home to arms of our Creator in our final flight.

In this time of change, I can feel myself changing. I look at the leaves and feel my own transformations in my heart. I see the harvest brought in on the farm down the road, the glorious orange pumpkins, the blue gnarly squash, and the knobby and humorous yellow gourds. What have I created this year within me? I can feel the pulsating, warm pumpkin shaped joy inside me, created by chanting and mantra and yoga and most of all love. I can see a few blue gnarly squash created by moments of sadness and loss. And there are the funny little yellow squash from times of laughter so intense my sides might have split to reveal the seeds within!

This season for me is contained within the mantra "Gobinda Hari" . Its words are simple, like falling leaves, Gobinda Gobinda Hari Hari. Gobinda is the aspect of God that is the Sustainer that has kept us going all year. But it is also the aspect of God that is beautiful and lovely. Hari is the aspect of God that is the Creator, that is action, but it also the healing force within us. When we chant Gobinda Hari, we connect with the beautiful harvest within ourselves and we connect with the creative aspect that accomplished it. It's like saying, "Beautiful! Beautiful! I did that! I did that!" We connect to God in a way that allows God to experience His own creation through us and our lives, and allows us to connect to the beauty of our own experience. Gobinda Hari also allows us to heal ourselves and feel security in a deep place in ourselves through a connection with the knowing that God is a sustaining and healing force at the center of our own hearts.

For 11 minutes, cross your hands over your chest at the wrist, right over left, palms resting near the shoulders. Close your eyes and chant "Gobinda Gobinda Hari Hari" feeling the grace and the kindness of the One who lies in the center of your own Being.

When you are finished, look outside with fresh eyes. See the bountiful harvest of the Universe. See the play of life in all its cycles and rhythms. Then look inside with fresh eyes, and see the beauty of God's harvest within You. See the miracle of every breath you take and every smile you give. See yourself as a leaf in God's forest -- unique, beautiful and bright. Happy to sway in the breeze until that day when we all fall into our last dance, embraced at last by the One.

Gobinda Gobinda Hari Hari.






Mantra for Self-Esteem: Bountiful, Blissful and Beautiful

Has it ever hurt you to look into your own eyes in the mirror? Is all you feel disappointment and shame when you look at the shape of your own body? When someone pays you a compliment, does it feel like a joke? Low self-esteem is painful. Whether you are 13 or 30, the pain you carry around from not feeling good enough or pretty enough or smart enough holds you back from feeling the peace and happiness that is your birthright. It doesn't matter why you have low self-esteem. Maybe you were bullied in school and the words of your peers cut so deeply you've never quite stitched the wound. Maybe your mother was rough and unkind and told you in no uncertain terms you were worthless. Maybe a lover told you that you were ugly and no good. Maybe no one else had to tell you anything; maybe your whole life you've thought you were pathetic and fat all on your own. In this age where bullying can lead to suicide and countless lives have been lost to eating disorders and addictions and other manifestations of low self esteem, it is imperative to have tools to lift ourselves up and out of despair. Low self-esteem is potentially lethal and must be pulled out at the roots. There are many ways to battle self-esteem issues. Therapy is a wonderful way and talking with a therapist you trust can be essential. Exercise causes the body to release endorphins, which helps one feel happier naturally. Yoga is an especially powerful form of exercise for this issue because it unifies the mind with the body. In cases of low self-esteem, so often the mind is the enemy of the body. Merging the two may help them build a more harmonious relationship. Affirmations are also a powerful tool to trick the mind into saying positive things rather than negative things. The Kundalini mantra for self-esteem, as given by Yogi Bhajan, packs a one-two punch using both affirmation and mantra. Called "Bountitful, Blissful and Beautiful", the Gurmukhi portion is this mantra is from Anand Sahib, the "Song of Bliss". It transports the soul into a state of bliss and helps you connect with the flow of Spirit. From this place of oneness and magic, you know your true Self, which is perfect, whole and complete. The true you has no business with low self-esteem. The real you is powerful beyond compare. This mantra helps you touch that place of faith and strength. If you are struggling with the hidden hurt of shame, self-loathing, or unkindess to yourself, sing this mantra to yourself. Sing it loud and proud. There is no such thing as a sound that is not good enough, or a singer that is not good enough. Sing it like you mean it....and someday, someday soon, you WILL. And that is a beautiful thing, almost...almost as beautiful as You. The Complete Mantra: I am bountiful, blissful, and beautiful. Bountiful, blissful and beautiful I am. Ek ong kar sat gur prasad Anand bhayaa mayree maa-ay satiguroo mai paa-yaa Satiguroo ta paa-yaa sehej saytee Man vajeeaa vaadhaaeeaa Raag ratan parvaar pareeaa shad gaavan aaeeaa Shabdo taa gaavho haree kayraa man jinee vasaa-yaa Kahai naanak anand hoaa satiguroo mai paa-yaa. The Translation: The Creator and the Creation are One. I kow this by the Grace of the Guru. Oh my mother, I am in Infinite bliss for I have obtained the True Guru (the Word, the Shabad Guru) I have met that True Guru easily, naturally Divine music bursts in my heart. The rhythmic beast are like cosmic jewels and bring all powers through Divine Songs. When God resides in you, the mind is filled by and echoes with divine praise. Nanak proclaimes I dwell in supreme bliss for I have merged with the True Guru.





Mantra for Letting Go: Ardas Bhaee


Even now, in this moment, is it hard to let these words go. When words hit the page, the author is revealed. You can see the inner working of my mind in an intimate way. I cannot pull them back once they are out there. It's not quite the fear that they won't be good enough; that would be too easy, too predictable. I haven't figured it out yet. It is a difficult thing for anyone...artist or give all they are to the world and then let go. To deliver what they have to offer and trust it will be enough. Mothers who watch their children go off to school must feel similarly. She who was one body with that divine, young creature must trust that this now separate being will be safe without her.

Letting go is part of life. Death is the only guarantee for each human, and so everyone must let someone else go. The seasons change, lives move on, the world is not the same. Our cultures do not stay stagnant, nor return to any golden days of yore despite political pressure. You cannot return to any value fashioned out of old...nothing will ever be the same. Life moves forward, never back. We let go of each breath, each heart beat. We let go of each birthday, each birth. We become very accomplished at letting go, and yet, it is so easy to fight nearly to the death to hold onto things.

This does not make us weak. In fact, this is natural. We are eternal beings in bodies that die. This illusion of impermanence offends to the very core our endless nature. When we identify with the illusion, letting go wounds us. If we identify with our infinite nature, with the boundless creativity of the Universe, we begin to realize that letting go is a perfect part of constant expansion. We can't think our way into this peace. We can't reason our way into this knowing.

We must experience a connection with the larger plan to know this gentle grace. We must reach out to the Infinite and ask "Are you sure?" in order for God himself to lean down and whisper in our ears "Yes!"

Choose the pain you need to let go of. Choose the fear, the anger, the thing you did years ago that you can't forget. Choose the situation you are ready to leave behind. And chant this mantra:

Ardas Bhaee, Amar Das Guru,

Amar Das Guru, Ardas Bhaee,

Ram Das Guru, Ram Das Guru,

Ram Das Guru, Sachee Sahee.

This is a way of calling upon Guru Amar Das and Guru Ram Das (who represent the Hope of the Hopeless and the Lord of Miracles). It begins by affirming that what you are saying is a prayer. You then connect with their powerful energies. And then "sachee sahee" release it and let it go. You know that your prayer is heard and it is done. This is the mantra of answered prayers, of moving beyond difficult situations, and gracefully letting go.

Need to "Let Go and Let God"? There's a mantra for that. And an answered prayer waiting for you just around the bend. As for me, I let my words out into the world. See? It works.






Mantra for Finding Happiness and Peace Within

Need some extra happiness, a little inner peace? Who doesn't?

Ask yourself today how happy you are...if you aren't groovin' and movin' with a smile on your face, then you could stand to do this little mantra meditation to find happiness and peace within.


Sit in Easy Pose (cross-legged) with a straight spine. Start by chanting "Ong" at a pace of about 10 seconds per "Ong". You should be chanting more in your nose than your throat. Chant like this 5 times, then begin to chant "Ong" so that you are finishing one cycle every 3-5 seconds. Do up to 2 minutes of this rapid "Ong" chanting.

Yogi Bhajan said that if you start to cough, no worries! Its just your thyroid adjusting itself. He also said that doing this chant promoted your power, beauty, and youth. (Anyone not want more of those?)

More happiness, more peace in only two minutes! A quick fix for the modern world from the ancient yogi archives!

More tips like this one are nestled in the pages of Praana, Praanee,Praanayam! Seek and ye shall find!






Mantra for Love: Sopurkh

There is a beautiful practice in the tradition of Kundalini Yoga called the So Purkh or Sopurkh that involves the recitation of a certain mantra 11 times a day. The So Purkh was given by Guru Ram Das, the 4th guru of the Sikhs, to women as a way of helping women to raise the vibration of the men in their lives. A woman can say the So Purkh for a particular man in her life such as her husband, to help him live up to his full potential, or she can say it even to attract into her life her perfect mate if she has not met him yet. The So Purkh, if said for a minimum of 40 straight days, is said to manifest God in physical male form in front of a woman.

I had been reciting Sopurkh for 39 days for the men in my life. It was a beautiful, healing process that I could feel was releasing my own karma around men. Many nights I had dreams where I met old boyfriends for tea and we had conversations about our present day lives and said goodbye. I could feel karma lifting and ties being cut. I could also see positive changes happening in the lives of the men for whom I was saying the prayer.

On the 40th day of my half an hour recitation of the Sopurkh, I met the Dalai Lama. He came to Parmarth Niketan to speak and stayed in a room just down the hall from mine. He shook my hand and looked kindly into my eyes. Ladies and gentleman, the Sopurkh works. God in male physical form was manifested in front of me on the 40th day. One week previously I had not even an idea that the Dalai Lama would be coming to Rishikesh and on the 40th day of my meditation, I received the blessing of the one who many consider to be the holiest man alive.

I’m still reeling from the meeting. His energy was graceful and peaceful, self confident and humble. I certainly can’t stop my meditation now…if that happens at day 40, what can happen at day 90 or even day 1,000?

A beautiful recording of the Sopurkh was done by the lovely Nirinjan Kaur Khalsa (Sopurkh That Primal God). View the complete mantra on Mantra-pedia.

(originally posted on Ramdesh's blog, No Ordinary Light)






Mantra for Success and Prosperity

With the pressures of the economy stressing out many people, many Kundalini yoga teachers are choosing to lead special classes dedicated to generating success and prosperity. After one such class with a lively Subagh Kriya and a meditation for prosperity, as well as music that was filled with mantras for abundance, the students left happy but exhausted. The next week, the students came back, one by one, with stories of manifested success. One had sold her house the very next day, after having it languish on the market for years. Another had finally received a check for hundreds of dollars that she had given up on, but sorely needed. One woman got a new job. One man found $20 in his pocket. The amount varied, but the results were consistent. Success and prosperity were indeed attracted into their lives by the power of Kundalini Yoga.

If you want to use Yogi Bhajan’s techniques to bring a great abundance to your life, consider investing in a good Kundalini Yoga manual, such as Yoga for Prosperity by Siri Kirpal Kaur Khalsa. This will give you a good foundation in Kundalini yoga, showing you the appropriate prosperity kriyas (such as Subagh Kriya) and providing a good reference for the mantras and shabads that you can use to chant your way to success.

Remember that money is green for a reason. Green in the energy of the heart chakra, and when our hearts are open to giving and receiving, that green energy can flow to us more easily. Open your heart in whatever way possible. Try the kriya Opportunity and Green Energy Set from Transitions to a Heart-Centered World by Guru Rattana and watch your heart open wider than ever before. When your heart is open and your chakras balanced, the mantras can have a greater impact on your energetic field.

Armed with reference manuals, you can begin to use the power of mantra to bring financial abundance into your life. You can chant the mantra, repeat it silently, or listen to it. Play it on your Ipod while you run. Chant it out loud while you drive. Repeat it silently while waiting for your doctor’s appointment. Play it softly as ambient noise while you sleep, accessing your subconscious. Make mantra a habit in your normal, daily life. It will quickly become automatic and you will train your brain to have a habit of success. Why not leave the mantra playing in your home all day while you are out working or doing errands? The energy of the sacred words will reverberate and fill your space, making it a money-attracting vortex.

Some mantra meditations are very simple and even in English. Try this beautiful and short mantra for Prosperity and Self Esteem given to us by Yogi Bhajan:

Sit in easy pose. You can hold your hands in gyan mudra or just rest them on your knees. Shut your eyes. Inhale and hold the breath in. Repeat, “I am beautiful, I am blissful, I am bountiful.” Exhale and hold the breath out. Repeat, “Excel, excel, fearless.” Repeat this sequence for 3 minutes.

Sometimes the simplest meditation can bring the most powerful result.

There is a wonderful website devoted to the Sikh principle of Dasvandh or giving back. It includes pages of Kundalini mantras and meditations all devoted to your greater success and prosperity. Looking to start the new career of your dreams? Check out this meditation to bring you success in becoming anything you want to be:

Here are more powerful mantras that you can use to activate greater prosperity today! There are many recorded versions of each, so search around until you find one that really resonates with you.

(Check Spirit Voyage’s Mantra-pedia and Meditation Home for translations and additional information on how to properly do each specific mantra.)

Aap sahaaee hoa for Relief from Financial Pressures

Aap Sahaaee Hoaa, Sachay Daa Sachaa Doaa, Har, Har, Har

Ajai Alai for a Prosperous Existence

Ajai Alai

Abhai Abai

Abhoo Ajoo

Anaas Akaas

Aganj Abhanj

Alakkh Abhakkh

Akaal Dyaal

Alaykh Abhaykh

Anaam Akaam

Agaaha Adhaaha

Anaathay Pramaathay

Ajonee Amonee

Na Raagay Na Rangay

Na Roopay Na Raykhay

Akarmang Abharmang

Aganjay Alaykhay

Ardas Bhaee for Answered Prayers

Ardas Bhaee Amar Das Guru, Amar Das Guru, Ardas Bhaee, Ram Das Guru, Ram Das Guru, Ram Das Guru, Sachee Sahee

Har for Prosperity

Har, Har, Har…

Har, Har, Har, Har, Gobinday for a Shield of Good Luck and Prosperity

Har Har Har Har Gobinday

Har Har Har Har Mukunday

Har Har Har Har Udaaray

Har Har Har Har Apaaray

Har Har Har Har Hariang

Har Har Har Har Kariang

Har Har Har Har Nirmaanay

Har Har Har Har Akaamay

25th Pauri for Prosperity

Bahota karam likhiaa na jaa-ay.

Vadaa dataa til na tamaay.

Kaytay mange jodh apaar.

Kaythaa ganat nahee veechaar.

Kaytay khap tuteh vikar.

Kaytay lai lai mukar paa-eh.

Kaytay moorakh khaahee khaa-eh.

Kaytiaa dookh bhookh sad maar.

Ay-eh bhe daat tayree daataar

Band khaalasee bhanai hoe.

Hor aakh na sakai koe.

Jay ko khaa-ik akhaan paae.

Oh jaanai jaytee-aa muh khaa-ay.

Aapay jaanay aapay day-eh.

Aakheh se bhe kay-ee kay-eh.

Jis no bakhsay siphat saalaah.

Naanak paatishaahee paatishaah.






Mantra for Ego: Aakhan Jor

The ego is a slippery creature. It is usually easy to spot out in the open in others, but hides under the shade of the Twisted Logic Tree in the forest of our own minds. Some egos are loud and arrogant, drunk with their own beauty, while others sneak and scurry in the darkness, ashamed to show their own light.

They ride of the coattails of self-esteem and can, when you least suspect it, jump out in a costume designed to fool you into thinking they are their own healthy cousin...self-respect. They also, however, and this is sometimes even more tricky, can ride on the boat of despair and water-log your ship into a feeling of hopelessness.

Ego is basically that which feels separation from the whole. It is a consciousness of self rather than Self. They do have a plus side (for everything in the universe has balance), in that they allow you to experience your life as an individual and have a sense of separate identity. However, they never evolved a sense of moderation, and for the vast majority of us, can build momentum and become steam locomotives of self-aggrandizement or deprecation.

Luckily, there is a mantra that is the ego's kryptonite. The 33rd Pauri of Japji, written by Guru Nanak, the first Guru of the Sikhs and an enlightened master, is a poem of total surrender to the Greater Consciousness and is a mantra for ego. The last line, "Nanak utam neech na ko-i" refers to the concept that all creation is equal in the eyes of God. A small field mouse is beloved. A great king is beloved, too. It is a mantra of a level playing field, and reminds the subconscious that any power we have is an extension of the power of the Divine. We are not the source of the flame, but we are all candles.

This pauri, or stanza, of Japji is said to remove negativity, smooth the ruffled feathers of your ego, prevent harm to another by your hand, and bring you into a greater sense of your own divinity.

You repeat this mantra 11 times for effect, and I often find myself singing it as a bedtime lullaby for my ego. "Go take a nap," I tell it, while I find something better to do with my energy than follow its wild goose chases.

Try it. Sing it soothingly to yourself. It is like taking a shower in light. Not that my light is any better than your light, nor your light any better than mine. Both glimmering. Both shining. Nanak utam neech na ko-i. Aakhan Jor.

Aakhan jor, Chupai neh jor,

Jor na mangan dayn na jor

Jor na jeevan maran neh jor

Jor na raaj maal man sor

Jor na surtee giaan vechaar

Jor na jugatee chutai sansaar

Jis hath jor kar vekhai so-i

Nanak utam neech na ko-i


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