Mantra for Finding Happiness and Peace Within

Need some extra happiness, a little inner peace? Who doesn't?

Ask yourself today how happy you are...if you aren't groovin' and movin' with a smile on your face, then you could stand to do this little mantra meditation to find happiness and peace within.


Sit in Easy Pose (cross-legged) with a straight spine. Start by chanting "Ong" at a pace of about 10 seconds per "Ong". You should be chanting more in your nose than your throat. Chant like this 5 times, then begin to chant "Ong" so that you are finishing one cycle every 3-5 seconds. Do up to 2 minutes of this rapid "Ong" chanting.

Yogi Bhajan said that if you start to cough, no worries! Its just your thyroid adjusting itself. He also said that doing this chant promoted your power, beauty, and youth. (Anyone not want more of those?)

More happiness, more peace in only two minutes! A quick fix for the modern world from the ancient yogi archives!

More tips like this one are nestled in the pages of Praana, Praanee,Praanayam! Seek and ye shall find!

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